Asian markets achieved, although Hong Kong’s economy posted precious worst since 1974

Asian markets reached the beginning trading

Third, although many of the region’s largest catalogs have been closed for the holidays.

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index
+ 0.85%

0.5% increase after the official report is found The Hong Kong economy attracted 8.9% of the year In the first quarter, its worst show since 1974. While saying that the epidemic seems to be under local control, “the external environment is still very difficult,” Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan said in a statement. “Going forward in the second quarter, we believe that even if there are improvements, the improvement will be gradual and small.”

S&P of Australia/ASX 200
+ 1.56%

Gained 0.9% when the country began to reopen long-term businesses a week. The Australian Reserve Bank has been planning to announce its interest rate decision later in the day. Benchmark in Taiwan
+ 0.50%

+ 0.76%

and Indonesia
+ 0.25%

Advanced. The market has been closed in Japan, Korea and mainland China for the holidays.

The market has not appeared fazed by tensions rising between the United States and China on spread

of COVID-19. “The market

is quickly degassing into trade

Each bout of war blows it out as the political posturing, “Stephen Innes, head of global market strategist in AxiCorp, wrote in a note.” But it remains to be…



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