De Blasio urges the New Yorkers to work from home, if possible – and without handshake

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday that people should work from home, if possible, or integral work schedules in an effort to cut down on the crowd between offensive outbreak.

In a series of tweets, de Blasio sets out some pointers on how to “protect yourself and your neighbors” from spread

COVID-19 virus.

“We need everyone to do their part in reducing overload,” he said. “I know that sounds can’t be in New York city, but let’s look at some basic steps like telecommuting if your job allows it. Stagger schedules work so people can come later or leave sooner to beat the busy times of peak hours. Plan to have some more travel time in your travels. If the train pulls up is too packed, move to a different car or wait to have a next one. Bike or walk to work if you can. “

Also, “for foreseeable futures are not handshake – I know that sounds unusual but it’s an easy way to reduce the risk,” he tweeted.

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His Tweets are followed by a statement from NYC Health, the city’s health department, recalling the suggestions.

Other precautions from NYC Health And de Blasio: wash your hands with soap and water, and don’t touch your face; At home if you feel sick; Avoid crowds if you have chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease,…



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