New Yorkers respond to survey finding them the country’s rudest: ‘Screw those people’

Can you believe these shmucks?!

Americans think New Yorkers are the biggest jerks in the country, according to a new survey — released just days before Christmas, no less.

The slap-in-the-face Business Insider study found 34.3% of the knuckleheads who responded believe Big Apple residents are the rudest in the US.

But many locals were too polite to respond to the diss Monday.

“F–k off!” one man told a Post reporter on 125th Street in Harlem when asked his opinion of the study.

Others thoughtfully questioned the methodology.

“Screw those people. Half the people probably haven’t been here!” said Carmen, 52, of The Bronx.

The study surveyed 2,000 adults online about the rudest city in the country. New York finished first going away.

Los Angeles came in a distant second with 19.7%.

Residents of Washington, DC, were rated the third-surliest, followed by Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Big Apple denizens, who spend life jammed against 9 million of their neighbors, are occasionally known to be short on patience with slow-walking tourists.


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