Securities markets and other assets trading Is the exchange closed on a Good Friday? Easter Monday?

It will not be your typical resurrection, or Passover, on Wall Street, in the era of deadly COVID-19 deaths were forced to shut down global businesses and governments cause to impose social remedies – distancing to its restraint spread


However, as traditionally, the US exchange on Friday will be closed in compliance with Good Friday, and those in Europe will also be closed for the second Easter. The action on Wall Street is also likely to be more calming with the Passover beginning Wednesday night and the evening end on 16 Apr.

President Donald Trump has set up Easter Sunday as a “beautiful” day target for the United States to get back to business, with “church-packed around our country,” but that turned out to be an overly ambitious goal, even if the spread has appeared to show Glimmers of slowing down

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The securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, a broker trade

Group proposed actions for bonds market

, the consultant said that the bond agent closed an early hour, at 02:00 Eastern Time on Thursday, and remained closed on a Good Friday.

The New York Stock Exchange, owned by the Intercontinental Exchange
+ 3.69%
and Nasdaq Inc.
+ 3.16%
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