There’s no returning to regular schooling as online learning goes mainstream

As I write this, around 30 million U.S. kids are out of school, more than 200 college campuses have closed, and millions of Americans are working from home (with many of them also trying to juggle home-schooling).

It’s a situation that was unthinkable just a few weeks ago, before the coronavirus morphed into the biggest health and economic shock to our system in memory.

The near grounding of the whole country is tough and uncomfortable right now, but the education sector may look back on this as a paradigm-shifting moment for moving learning environments to completely online.

The hope is life will return to normal, but not before educators, students and workers are exposed to a prolonged period of using online education tools and technology.

Foot in the door

When in-person education resumes, online learning tools and methods will be far more entrenched, becoming an essential and highly valued part of schools’ offerings rather than a nice-to-have capability.

As a glimmer of hope, educators and learners are likely to find that the online experience is vastly superior to what it was just a…

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