Why a oil price war is wreaking havoc on stocks and global financial markets right now

Second falling oil prices are Saudi Arabia and Russia preparing for a global price war, triggering a fair worldwide rout that sees Dow Jones industrial average falling over 2,000 points and causing a temporary trading

Preventing the exchange of U.S. and sending shock waves through the financial market was shaken by spread

of coronavirus.

While crude discounts, which means lower gasoline prices for consumers, sound like they can be a nutrient during a period of economic stress, analysts and investors said the combination of oil prices fell sharply in conjunction with Fear does have on the economic implications of causing only highly uncertain and fearful.

“The presentation of investors with a global problem has not been seen yet. Investors are unsure about the nature of the virus, its potential economic impact and policy response. The oil shock has only added to the confusion and this uncertainty, “said Paul O’Connor, head of the multi-asset team at Janus Henderson Investor, in a note.

“One thing we know, however, is that the market is now in panic mode,” he said.

Here’s a closer look at what’s going on and some of the rough ways-autumn prices are wavy through the financial system.

What happened to the oil?

Future oil has dropped by more than 30% in early action at the end of Sunday and U.S. standard, April West Texas intermediate Rough

Still down 16.7% at $34.38 a barrel and months…

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